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Hello Robsonien , Hello Sports Family
This is the first sports program ever of Robsonien Sports Live (RSL)
I'm Jenny Jeningen.
We are here in SCHIAVONIA at the DARTS OPEN
Today was the first group game by Franky Rode
The young hopeful the Robson Dart Sports
His opponent Andrew Rutherford was from Krytenia
The result 0 -3

We have had an interview with Franky after the match

Jeningen: How have you experienced the game

Franky: I was very nervous. It was my first international game.

Jeningen: Was that the basis for the defeat?

Franky: Not only. Rutherford was on this day better

Jeningen: How do you see your chances in the next group game against Sam Brownwell?

Franky: He has nearly 10 years of international experience. My chance to fight each Dart

Franky: Thanks for the interview, good luck in the next Game  Mr. Rode

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